WarioWare (3DS)

Stage WarioWare (3DS)


WarioWare is a stage based on the game series of the same name. In those games, players must complete sets of timed, fast-paced "microgames" that involves them doing often humorous and quirky tasks.

In Smash Bros., players start on a simply structured stage before transitioning into nine different microgames throughout. If a player succeeds, they gain invincibility, grow larger, or recover health. Will you complete all the microgames and reap the rewards, or just smash your opponents away while they're busy doing them?

Text by FireFoxIllusion754 & Smashedpotatoes

HOW TO UNLOCK? Unlock Wario.

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WarioWare Touched!

Ashley's Song JP

Brawl Arrangement


WarioWare, Inc. Mega Microgame$

WarioWare, Inc.

Brawl Arrangement