Final Fantasy VII
Midgar (3DS)

Stage Final Fantasy VII - Midgar (3DS)

Midgar is the capital and source of power of the Shinra Electric Power Company in Final Fantasy XII. This is one of the first areas in the game. This stage features a platform with three dropthrough platforms suspended above in a similar fashion to Battlefield. If one collects a Materia, one of five summons can be summoned.

Ifrit: moves the stage itself and sets a side on fire
Ramuh: manipulates and electrifies the floating platforms, though the platforms can still be passed through
Odin: cuts the stage in half. Anyone sliced by it will be KO'd. The stage comes back together after a time.
Leviathan: floods the stage, with the main platform surfing across the water that flows from right to left. Those who fall into the water will fall through and get KO'd
Bahamut ZERO: fires a flare towards the stage

KO's dealt by these summons count towards the player who summoned them with the materia.

Text by Smashedpotatoes

HOW TO UNLOCK? DLC - Date available: 16/12/2015