Magicant (3DS)

Stage Earthbound - Magicant (3DS)

A magical place that manifest's one's memories. Across the Earthbound series, both Ninten and Ness have visited here. In Earthbound Beginnings, Ninten helped Magicant's ruler, Queen Mary, recover from her amnesia by collecting the Eight Melodies. Ninten also recruited the Flying Men to temporarily join his party until they fell in battle. In Earthbound, Ness enters here alone after retrieving the Eight Melodies, finding many people and various objects from his adventures.

For this Smash Bros. stage adaption, fighters can also recruit a Flying Man by approaching it. Sometimes a Mobile Sprout will appear and act as a moving platform. Other characters and objects, such as the Dungeon Man, iron octopuses, and giant tomatoes will appear on this stage, with the former two also acting as platforms. Also, cutscenes from the Mother series can be seen through a rift in the background.

Text by Professor Squeaky

HOW TO UNLOCK? Unlock Ness.

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Magicant / Eight Melodies

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Smiles and Tears

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