Distant Planet (3DS)

Stage Pikmin - Distant Planet (3DS)


PNF-404 (as the people of planet Koppai call it) is a fruitful planet located in a distant galaxy with vast amounts of vegetation, creatures, and tiny helpers called Pikmin.

Here players fight on several platforms: a solid slope, and a platform made from the domestic flora of the planet, with smaller platforms from the leaves overhead. Sometimes a torrent may flood the slope, which will slide and push any players on it off of it. The Pellets that grow on on the platform can be knocked down and thrown to deal damage. They can additionally be thrown into the Onion to generate a certain amount of items. The higher the number on the Pellet, the more items it can generate, and if the Pellet matches the Onion color, it will produce even more items. Occasionally, a predator called the Bulborb comes to serve as a platform for the fighters. But watch out for when it opens its mouth, as it can eat you whole!

Text by Sanctify & Smashedpotatoes

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