Assist Trophy

Item Assist Trophy - Riki

This 40-year-old Nopon warrior initially joined Shulk and company for the purpose of repaying debt to Frontier Village by slaying a “Dinobeast.” When they reported back to the village after dispatching of it (with Riki stealing most of the credit), the village chief convinced him to accompany Shulk’s crew for the remainder of their journey by telling him that it was prophesied for him to do so, though that “prophecy” was likely fabricated.

When Riki is summoned as an Assist Trophy, he’ll use four of six different Arts on players.

  • Bedtime: Puts nearby opponents to sleep
  • Freezinate: Freezes nearby opponents
  • Happy Happy: Buffs everyone's attack power
  • Roly Poly: Trips nearby opponents
  • Yoink!: Pulls in items and projectiles
  • You Can Do It: Heals everyone
Text by Smashedpotatoes