Fanpic of the Day

How does it work?

Do you want to collaborate with the Fansite SmashBros-Miiverse?

Now you can by sending us all the awesome pictures that you find on miiverse with our new section called 'Fanpic of the Day'! You only have to send us the link to the post of the picture that you want to share with us. You can even send us your Custom Stage creations!

  1. The link has to be a post on Miiverse, with a picture and its description or drawing (no more than 1 picture on the Miiverse post or Miiverse-Drawings instead of picture. Drawing from the game Smash Bros is allow it)

Every working day, like Sakurai was doing, I will select the best Fanpics around Miiverse to publish on the site with its description.

April is the last month which Fanpic of the Day is a contest.
After that, Fanpic of the Day will be just a collaboration with the fans.

You can start now by sending us your picture with this formular:

Show me your mov...math! 3 + 7

UPDATE: Once you send your picture, please do NOT send the pic over and over again. From now on, the system can block a pic with many attemps of sending through this formular. Maximun 2 attemps for the same picture.

Thanks for your collaboration!