Mii Fighter

Mii Fighter

Miis first appeared as customizable avatars on the Nintendo Wii console. Since then they have served similar purposes in many Nintendo games, and have now debuted in Super Smash Bros. as playable fighters. Now anyone can join the battle!

In this game, Miis are specially optimized for fighting. There are three different types of Mii Fighters: the Mii Brawler, the Mii Swordsman, and the Mii Gunner. Each different type of Mii Fighter has their own unique moveset, along with 12 different customizable Special Moves. Their speed and power are determined by their height and weight assigned by the Mii Maker. Keep in mind that Miis cannot be used online with strangers.

Text by Matty8742, Professor Squeaky, & Smashedpotatoes



amiibo Mii Gunner

amiibo Mii Brawler

amiibo Mii Swordfighter

HOW TO UNLOCK IN 3DS? Create a Mii Fighter in Custom.

HOW TO UNLOCK IN WII U? Create a Mii Fighter in Custom.

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